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Charles Oliveira Vs Justin Gaethje | UFC 274

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The Charles Oliveira Justin Gaethje title fight has finally been confirmed.

It’s scheduled for UFC 274 on May 7th. 

The card is rumoured to be held in Rio de Janeiro.

But is still to be determined

This is the second title fight confirmed for the event, earlier this week Glover Teixeira was confirmed to be defending his belt against Jiri Prochazka. 

This will be Oliveira’s second title defence after submitting Dustin Poirier in the third round back at UFC 269 extending his win streak to 10 and adding another submission to his UFC record.

Khabib has already given Oliveira the blueprint of how to beat Gaethje.

Strong takedowns and get past his guard and establish a strong pinning position like mount or side control, and submission will open up.

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Khabib was able to get two deep submissions again Gaethje, and I would think that Oliveira has a better submission game than Khabib.

Gaethje is coming off his fight of the year contender against Michael Chandler where the two spend 15 minutes throwing their best shots at each other.

With Gaethje coming out on top with a unanimous decision victory.

The Fight is going to be an absolute banger with both Oliveira and Gaethje having finishing rates well above 85%.

I personally see Oliveira using the same gameplan as Khabib to get the fight finished in either the second or third round.

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