Eric Nicksick Rips Into Judge Over Sean Strickland Decision

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In the main event over the weekend Sean Strickland won a split decision over Jack Hermannson.

To anyone watching this was very questionable not a single member of the MMA media scored it for Hermansson I included.

I had it 49-46 for Sean Strickland with Hermansson winning the 1st round.

This is just another decision in long line decisions that makes you think you what fight is this judge watching.

Because it’s clearly not the same all me.

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The judge in question is Sal D’Amato a name you hear judging a majority of UFC cards a man with over decades of judging experience.

Someone you don’t hear brought a lot when it comes to bad judging.

Nonetheless, coach Eric Nicksick the head trainer at Xtreme Couture and Sean Strickland’s is right in calling out bad judges.

For the overwhelming majority of UFC fighters half of your pay is contingent that you win.

For example for someone making their debut there likely to get $12,000 to show and $12,000 if they win.

It could also destroy a vital win streak in a fighter’s career, and cost them bigger fights and bigger contracts.

MMA judging will never be perfect.

But its need to be better than this.

The only upside to it is it forced fighters to go for the finish.

Because they know they can’t rely on the judging being done correctly.

Personally, I think the UFC should just put in their own judges, and have the athletic commission done away with.

But that just me.

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