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[RESULTS] 1st South American ADCC Trials

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Last weekend the first South American ADCC trials went down.

Where all the first place male competitors scored their ticket to the ADCC finals in September.

On the following Saturday, February 12th, the 2nd Trials take place.

Where the women will also be able to get their place at the ADCC final.

It was a great day for the Fight Sports team scoring 4 out of 5 tickets.

Getting the 3rd place medal in the under 88kg with Andre Novais.

So heading to the ADCC are the following. at 66kg Diogo Reis, at 77kg Mica Galvao, at 88kg Isaque Bahiense, at 99kg Joao Costa and at +100kg Roosevelt Souza.

The women’s winners don’t get a place at ADCC from these trials.



  • 1st Diogo Reis
  • 2nd Diego Pato Oliveria
  • 3rd Fabricio Andrey


  • 1st Mica Galvao
  • 2nd Magid Hage
  • 3rd Lucas Galvao

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  • 1st Isaque Bahiense
  • 2nd Claudio Calasans
  • 3rd Andre Novais


  • 1st Joao Costa
  • 2nd Henrique Cardoso
  • 3rd Thiago Sa Fortes Sliva


  • 1st Roosevelt Sousa
  • 2nd Pedro Dos Santos
  • 3rd Leonardo Lemos de Andrade



  • 1st Jinana Sais
  • 2nd Daiana Torquato
  • 3rd Natalia Battilana


  • 1st Rebecca Albuquerque
  • 2nd Larissa Severo Stein
  • 3rd Flavia Ribeiro

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