Results 2nd South American ADCC

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It’s a wrap for the South American trials.

The last 5 men and 2 women have cashed their tickets to compete at the ADCC 2022 Championship.

There are four remaining ADCC trials.

Two Asia trials, and the 2nd European and North American Trials.

Date Below.

2nd North American Apr 2 & 3

2nd European May 7 & 8

The Asia trials have dates but have been changed repeatedly.

So I doubt they’re set in stone

The news at the moment is there is one in Australia in June but I highly doubt that will end up happening due to covid restrictions.

The other trials are being held in Singapore in late May more likely to happen but still wouldn’t bet on it



  • 1st Fabricio Andrey
  • 2nd Kaua Gabriel Araujo Barbosa
  • 3rd Rafael Montouro Ribeiro


  • 1st Roberto Jimenez
  • 2nd Fabio Murat Caloi
  • 3rd Luiz Paulo Caneiro Medeiros

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  • 1st Alexandre Joquin de Jesus
  • 2nd Rafael Paganini
  • 3rd Andre Porfirio 


  • 1st Henrique Cardoso
  • 2nd Luccas Lira
  • 3rd Max Weslei Da Silva Reis


  • 1st Gutemberg Pereira
  • 2nd Leonardo Lemos De Andrade
  • 3rd Daniel Costa



  • 1st Mayssa Bastos
  • 2nd Julia Alves
  • 3rd Jasmine Rocha


  • 1st Giovanna Jara De Souza
  • 2nd Ingridd Alves De Sousa
  • 3rd Natalia Zumba

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