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[RESULTS] Rizin 33 | All The Action

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Credit: MMAFighting

Rizin held their annual New Year’s Eve card on Friday.

They capped off their Bantamweight Grand Prix, with the final being the main event of the evening.

In the co-main event, Roberto Satoshi Souza defended his lightweight title against Yusuke Yachi.


This fight night had some very entertaining bouts.

Shinobu Ota showed his elite-level wrestling by taking down Sone with some extremely impressive upper-body throws.

Then crushed Sone with his pace for the majority of the fight, finishing him off with stomps.

Hiromasa Ougiubo upset the two biggest favorites to win the Grand Prix in Naoki Inoue and Kai Asakura.

Roberto de Souza was able to retain his title with another submission finish.

He’ll be looking to rematch against Johnny Case in 2022 once that fight is possible.

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Hiromasa Ougikubo Vs Kai Asakura Final Bantamweight Grand Prix – Hiromasa Ougikubo wins via unanimous decision.

Roberto de Souza Vs Yusuke Yachi Lightweight Championship – Roberto de Souza wins via triangle armbar at 3 minutes 30 seconds of round 2.

Mikuru Asakura Vs Yutaka Saito – Mikuru Asakura wins via unanimous decision.

Tenshin Nasukawa Vs Takanori Gomi Custom Rules Bout – The bout ended in a draw.

Si Woo Park Vs Rena Kubota – Si Woo Park wins via unanimous decision. 

Seika Izawa Vs Ayaka Hamasaki – Seika Izawa wins via ground and pound at 2 minutes 30 seconds of round 2.

Koji Takeda Vs Noah Bey – Koji Takeda wins via armbar at 4 minutes 12 seconds of round 2.

Hideki Shrek Sekine Vs Shoma Shibisai – Hideki Shrek Sekine wins via ground and pound at 2 minutes 9 seconds of round 2.

Kyohei Hagiwara Vs Hiroaki Suzuki – Kyohei Hagiwara wins via unanimous decision 

YA-MAN Vs Koji Tanaka Kickboxing Match – YA-MAN wins via majority decision

Shibatar Vs Yuta Kubo Custom Rules Bout – Shibatar wins via armbar at 2 minutes 16 seconds of round 1.

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Shinobu Ota Vs Kazuma Sone – Shinobu Ota wins via stomps at 3 minutes 55 seconds of round 2.

Yuki Motoya Vs Yuto Hokamura Reserve Bantamweight Grand Prix – Yuki Motoya wins via unanimous decision.

Hiromasa Ougiubo Vs Naoki Inoue Semi-Final Bantamweight Grand Prix – Hiromasa Ougiubo wins via unanimous decision.

Kai Asakura Vs Kenta Takizawa Semi-Final Bantamweight Grand Prix – Kai Asakura wins via unanimous decision

Kota Miura Vs Yushi Amateur Bout – Kota Miura wins via soccer kick at 3 minutes 0 seconds of round 1.

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