[RESULTS] WNO: Craig Jones Vs Pedro Marinho

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FLOGrappling flagship grappling show Who’s Number 1 returned with 9 matches including 3 title matches.

In the main event, we have a 205lb title match between Craig Jones and Pedro Marinho

In the co-main, we have Tye Ruotolo going for his second WNO belt in a welterweight match with Levi Jones-Leary.

Kicking off the main card Mikey Musumeci defends her bantamweight belt against The Giant Slayer Estevan Martinez.

We got to see some of the best and most upcoming no-gi grapplers in the world tonight.

If you haven’t watched the card yet I would highly recommend you do.

You can watch the prelims on FLOgrappling’s YouTube page and the main card is streamed exclusively on FLOGrappling.com.

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Main Card

Craig Jones vs Pedro Marinho – Light Heavyweight Title Match – Pedro Marinho wins via unian

Tye Ruotolo vs Levi Jones-Leary – Welterweight Title Match – Tye Ruotolo wins via outside heel hook at 8 minutes 30 seconds of the match.

Nick Rodriguez vs Elder Cruz – Heavyweight – Elder Cruz win via split decision.

Brianna Ste-Marie vs Amanda “Tubby” Alequin – Flyweight – Brianna Ste-Marie wins via split decision.

Jacob Couch vs David Garmo – Light Heavyweight – Jacob Couch wins via inside heel hook at 7 minutes 50 seconds of the match.

Estevan Martinez vs Mikey Musumeci – Bantamweight Title Match – Mikey Musumeci wins via unanimous decision.


Jessica Crane vs Alexa Yanes – Flyweight – Jessica Crane wins via inside heel hook at 7 minutes 48 seconds of the match.

Michael Pixley vs Cameron Reed – Light Heavyweight – Michael Pixley wins via unanimous decision.

Geno Morelli vs Kemoy Anderson – Middleweight – Geno Morelli wins via unanimous decision.

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