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Self-Defense Classes in Dubai

Protect yourself and your family with realistic self-defense training

We only teach what works

Over the years we’ve seen too many fake instructors teaching unrealistic self-defense techniques, which are more likely to get you hurt than protect you in dangerous situations.

Together with UAE military instructors, we’ve created a self-defense course to keep you safe during confrontations so you can get home to your family. 

Our techniques are perfect for women and children because they don’t depend on physical strength, athleticism, or the use of weapons.

The techniques we teach are battle-tested in the most brutal combat situations by professional MMA fighters and military soldiers. 

We don’t teach fake martial arts like Krav Maga or Karate, our course uses Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu as a foundation – the same techniques used by the mighty Samurai in Japan.

Our techniques are practiced repeatedly with 100% resistance without the risk of injury, so you can safely feel what it’s like to be in a real street fight situation.

Our goal is to prepare you for the worst case scenario.

Benefits of learning self-defense

Self-defense is something everyone should learn.

Not only to defend yourself against an attacker, but to build self-confidence which carries over into other areas of your life. 

You’ll no longer be intimidated by bullies or people trying to impose their own will on you.

You’ll carry a feeling of confidence that’s undeniable and is often enough to deter a threat even before it happens. 

This is because attackers normally target people who seem vulnerable and passive. 

Learning self-defense will make you a force to be reckoned with and others feel that when they’re around you.

Protect Yourself

Learn to defend yourself and others during a dangerous altercation using solid self-defense techniques and principles.

Build Self-Confidence

When you aren't afraid of confrontation you have a lot more confidence in every aspect of your life, including your work relationships.

Increase Fitness

Training self-defense is great for getting fit because you're strengthening many areas of your body at the same time while practicing techniques.

What you'll learn in our self-defense course

Our self-defense classes don’t teach any striking. Why?

Because striking only works when the person you’re fighting is a similar size, and often attackers and bullies will target people who are weaker than them to increase their chances of success. 

Women and children for example will struggle to effectively punch or kick a stronger man filled with adrenaline, and often this only makes the situation worse.

The self-defense techniques we teach use leverage, momentum, principles of balance and submissions to defend against attackers. 

You’re not hoping for a lucky punch or kick to end a confrontation, but rather controlling the situation to effectively end the attack and escape safely.

Some techniques you’ll learn include:

#1 Situational awareness – Be aware of danger around you so you’re always prepared for a worst case scenario.

#2 Distance control – Keeping your distance when your attacker is coming towards you with bad intentions.

#3 Grip breaks and pin escapes – Not allowing your attacker to control you in any way, from grip breaks to pin escapes.

#4 Strangle defense – Effectively remove your attackers hands from your throat if they’re trying to strangle you.

#5 Striking defense – Defend against kicks and punches your attacker might use to hurt you.

#6 Effective takedown – Get your attacker to the ground quickly and easily so you can disarm them or escape to safety.

#7 Lethal submissions – Use submissions from Jiu-Jitsu like chokes and joint-locks to incapacitate your attacker.

These are just a few of the techniques you’ll learn in our self-defense classes.

How to join our self-defense classes

Spaces are limited, so book your spot to avoid disappointment.

We have a few booking options available:

Public Classes

We host group classes every week at local gyms in Dubai. You'll be notified where your class is being hosted when you book your space.

Private Classes

Perfect for families learning self-defense in the privacy of your own home. When you book, please select the Private Class option.

1-on-1 Lessons

If you'd like to learn 1-on-1 from one of our instructors, we can teach you in the comfort of your own home. Please select the 1-on-1 option when booking.

Booking Form

We’ll be in touch to discuss your booking options