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[Explained] Best Self-Defense For Teenage Girls

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In these times that we are living in, knowing how to defend yourself is a crucial aspect of one’s life.

Especially in these times when more and more women, girls, and children are being attacked, raped, kidnapped, and even murdered for no apparent reason.

Teenage girls are hesitant to go out on their own because they feel like a victim of these crimes.

In this article, I’ll explain some self-defense techniques for teenage girls so that they can enjoy their lives without fear.

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Self-Defense for teenage girls
Credit: Secure Teens

Techniques To Defend Yourself

Here’s 6 techniques to defend yourself:

  1. Situational awareness
  2. Mannerismand body language
  3. Distance control and striking defense
  4. Fight stance
  5. Breaking grips
  6. Using submissions

Let’s take a look at these different techniques in more detail.

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Situational Awareness

It is vital to be aware of your surroundings when it comes to self-defense.

Being aware of your surroundings at all times will give you a sense of what is happening around you and how you should react when you see something sketchy.

Attackers will know instantly whether you are aware of anything or not, which means that you will be less vulnerable to attacks if you are aware of them.

How To Be Aware Of Your Surroundings

Training your brain to be aware and vigilant of your surroundings is a Must when it comes to being safe.

Teenagers have a hard time staying aware due to texting while walking or listening to music on their headphones, while walking..

  1. Don’t be distracted by your phone when you are in public.
  2. Always listen atttentively to your surroundings. Don’t listen to music on any device that blocks your hearing.
  3. Don’t take out your phone when a random person asks for the time, or something similar.
  4. Don’t get into uber cars alone. Rather make sure you have friends with you or that you are accompanied by an adult.

Take these factors into account when walking around when you’re trying to maintain situational awareness.

Teenagers hate to hear the phrase “you are glued to your phone”, but the fact is that teenagers are, and that makes them a target when they’re out in public.

Be aware of your surroundings rather than becoming a victim.

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Situational awareness
Credit: Personal Defense World

MannerismAnd Body Language

You would be surprised to know how important your body language and mannerisms are, when it comes to self-defense.

Depending on your body language and mannerisms, you can tell if you are vulnerable or not.

A study was done to show if your mannerisms and body language play a role when attackers want to attack. The attackers answered this study, and said the first thing they take note of, is body language.

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How To Have A Positive Body Language And Good Mannerisms

Here are a few ways to have a positive body language and good mannerisms:

  1. Walk with your head up, so that you can look around you and be AWARE.
  2. Look confident when walking, by keeping your back straight and shoulders back. Don’t slouch.
  3. Pick up your feet when walking. Don’t drag your feet.

Having a good, upright posture will automatically make you look more confident.

When you look confident the attackers will think you’re not an easy target and most likely not attack.

Positive body language
Credit: Girls Who Fight

Distance Control And Striking Defense

Keeping the distance between you and the attacker will allow you to be in control and leave the fight unharmed.

If you can control the situation you will most likely win the fight.

Strike-defense is paired with distance control. If you fail to keep your distance, then you need to know how to defend yourself from any type of strike.

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How To Keep Your Distance

As a teenage girl, you’ll want to stay away from the attacker, because it’s very likely that he’s stronger and more powerful than you are.

Here are 4 ways to keep your distance:

  1. Try to get a chair or any object that is big enough to keep your distance between you and the attacker.
  2. Stay as far away as the attacker’s longest weapon, so legs length or more.
  3. Keep your arms in front of you so that you can push or bump the attacker away.
  4. Keep moving, don’t stop because that will make it easy for the attacker to get to you.

In addition to being aware, distance control is one of the most important things you can learn as a teenage girl. Fighting off a stronger and bigger person is difficult, so distance will help you get away from the situation much easier.

How To Defend Strikes

The only time strike defense will be used, is when you can’t get away from the attacker.

  1. Arms must always be up to either push the attacker away or block strikes.
  2. Try to keep your distance between you and the attacker. That will make it difficult for the attacker to land any strike.
  3. If you can’t keep your distance and the attacker is in the striking zone, then rather get as close as possible to the attacker’s body. Getting close to their body will make it extremely difficult for the attacker to strike.
  4. Get the attacker off balance by tripping him to the ground. Once the attacker is down, run and seek help.

Remember, keeping your distance is the first thing you must do.

Your confidence will grow tremendously if you know how to defend yourself.

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Defending strikes
Credit: Tapout Fitness

Fight Stance

Your fight stance is only needed when you can’t get away from the attacker and you need to defend yourself.

It’s important to know how to stand and to have good balance.

Your fight stance will put you in the best position to defend yourself.

What Is A Good Fight Stance

Your stance will need to make it easy for you to defend yourself and to get in and out of the situation as fast as possible.

Knowing where your balance lies is important, because if you can’t keep your balance you will most likely lose the fight.

What you need to have a good stance:

  1. Balance
  2. Protection

Let’s look at balance and protection in more detail.


Your balance is based on your whole body, because when one part of your body is not centered then you’ll be off balance.

  1. Your head must be up to keep the attacker in sight.
  2. Your feet must be shoulder width apart with one foot in front of the other.
  3. Your hips and feet must be in the direction of your opponent.
  4. Your knees must be slightly bent.
  5. Stand on the balls of your feet, so that you can move fast when needed.

Balance is key to a good posture and stance in a fight.


It’s important to protect vulnerable parts such as your face, ribs, and your liver

Here are a few ways you can protect yourself:

  1. Hands up, and in front of you so that you protect your face.
  2. Elbows are tucked into your sides so that your ribs and liver are protected.
  3. Move around, be a moving target. This will make it difficult for your attacker to land strikes.

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Fight stance
Credit: Real Self-Defense

Breaking Grips

The most common act an attacker will do to a girl or woman is to try to grab them and use a type of grip to control them.

Breaking grips are normally tough for girls, especially if the attacker is stronger. Fortunately, there are methods you can use to break free from grips.

How To Break Grips

Breaking grips is all about exposing and attacking the weaker part of the attacker’s grip.

  1. Moving around is the first thing you must do. It makes it harder for the attacker to get any type of grip on you.
  2. Always use two hands to break a grip.
  3. It will be difficult for the attacker to throw you around if your hands are anchored on him.
  4. Always target the fingers when the attacker has a grip on you. They are the weaker part of the grip.

Remember, you must always move and fight back when the attacker is trying to grab you.

Pushing, pulling or any type of rough movement will make it extremely difficult for the attacker to secure his grip.

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Breaking grips
Credit: Bright Side

Using Submissions

Submissions are only used when you’re in control and you want to finish the fight.

They involve hurting the attacker and making him/her give up so that you can flee the situation and seek help.

Submissions are difficult to execute, but with time and practice, you will master them.

Submitting An Attacker

There are many types of submissions to use, but we will start off with two basic ways to submit and get your attacker off you.

  1. Armbar from close guard
  2. Getting someone off mount

The armbar is the submission and getting someone off mount is a technique used to get the attacker off you.

Armbar From Close Guard

Credit: Bernardo Faria BJJ Fanatics

Getting Someone Off From Mount

Credit: FightTIPS


You will feel safer and more confident when you go out with friends and family if you practice martial art as a teenage girl.

Our self-defense course discusses these techniques in greater detail.

If you want to feel less victimized and more confident, start practicing martial arts today or take our self-defense course.