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[EXPLAINED] 8 Ways Punching Bags Help You

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The list of benefits you get from punching bags is longer than I can make this post.

So I had to choose my favorites.

Here are 8 ways punching bag can help you:

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#1 Is A Punching Bag A Good Workout?

Punching a bag is a great workout for your body and mind. It strengthens your muscles, bones, and ligaments through repeated striking. The cardio developed by punching a bag is great for strengthening your lungs and heart. Not to mention the psychological benefits of taking out frustrations on a bag.

There’s nothing better than wailing on an innocent punching bag that can’t hit back.

If you’re looking for a full-body workout to do alone while also learning to defend yourself, a punching bag is your perfect companion.

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#2 Is Punching The Bag Better Than Running?

Punching a bag burns about 394 – 525 calories per hour, where running for 1 hour can burn as much as 700 – 950 calories per hour.

But calorie burn isn’t the only factor to consider.

Here are 3 ways punching a bag is better than running:

  1. Running incorrectly can damage your knees
  2. Boxing a bag is more of a full body workout compared to running
  3. Punching a bag has the added benefit of learning self-defense

I may be a little biased.

But it’s only because I prefer punching a bag to running, it’s more fun for me.

#3 Can You Lose Weight With A Punching Bag?

Punching a bag is a great way to lose weight. You lose about 0.2 – 0.25 lbs for every hour you spend punching a bag. You can increase your weight loss by doing a good amount of footwork with a variety of fast and slower but more powerful punches, raising the cardio needed for your workout.

You’ll often find gyms offering punching bag-based workouts, specifically for weight loss and toning.

Here’s an awesome 30-minute HIIT punching bag workout for weight loss that you can do at home:

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#4 Will A Punching Bag Help Me Fight?

It’s always best to have a training partner, but punching a bag is the best way to learn how to fight without one. Punching effectively could mean the difference between defending yourself or being badly injured in a confrontation. A few rounds on the bag each week would highly increase your chances of winning a fight.

In a fight, the best defense is a good offense.

Done well, you can even train your footwork on a punching bag.

One of the most important skills in a fight.

Punching bags give you a chance to work on your fighting from the comfort of your own home.

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#5 Does Punching A Heavy Bag Make Your Punches Stronger?

Two of the main factors determining how hard you punch are your technique and timing. Using the right technique and punching at exactly the right moment in your rotation takes practice. Punching a heavy bag is one of the best ways to perfect your striking, resulting in more powerful punches.

Consistent training on punching bags can also strengthen the structure of your punches while increasing your punching speed.

This added structure and speed helps to make your punches even stronger.

#6 Does Punching A Bag Build Muscle?

Punching a bag is a great way to build muscle in your arms, shoulders, and back. It’s also a great workout for your core, building and strengthening the muscles as you rotate your hips for more powerful punches. You can accelerate muscle growth by power punching, adding heavy blows to the head and upper body.

Obviously, punching a bag won’t make you look like a bodybuilder.

But it’ll certainly give you a nice lean and tones look if you train regularly and watch your diet.

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#7 Does A Punching Bag Help With Anger?

Anger becomes a problem when there’s no outlet to relieve your tension. Punching a bag is a great way of safely taking out your frustration without hurting anyone. Hitting a punching bag until you’re completely exhausted has a very therapeutic effect on your mind. Replacing anger with feelings of euphoria.

Experiencing bouts of anger is absolutely normal.

What you do with it is what matters.

Channeling your anger into a punching bag is a great way of getting some relief.

#8 Is A Punching Bag Good For Kids With Anger?

It’s always best to teach kids to deal with their anger constructively, but sometimes they just need to get their frustrations out somehow. Punching a bag is a great way of channeling a child’s anger into something that’s harmless, and gives them some sense of relief from the anger they’re experiencing.

Giving your child the opportunity of punching a bag will also help their confidence and self-esteem.

Sometimes all a child needs is to feel in control of their own lives, and hitting a punching bag can provide this.

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