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Boxing Vs Karate | Which Is Better?

Reading Time: 6 minutes

Have you ever wondered how martial arts like karate stack up against boxing?

These two fighting sports differ from one another in many ways, from distance control to the weapons you use for striking. 

In this post, we’ll compare karate and boxing in various areas to understand the key differences in more detail.

What we’ll be comparing:

  1. Footwork
  2. Punches
  3. Gloves
  4. Stances
  5. Tournament rules
  6. Boxing vs Karate in the UFC
  7. Who would win – Boxer or Karateka
  8. Which is better for self-defense

Let’s get into it.

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Some UFC fighters have trained in karate

Karate Vs Boxing Footwork

The biggest difference between footwork in karate and boxing is the side-to-side versus back-and-forth movement. Boxers use their footwork to move left or right of the punching line and counter with their own strike. Karate focuses on moving in and out of striking distance to use their kicks.

What Is Boxing Footwork Like?

Boxers use footwork to go in and out during their fight as well as side-to-side.

Such footwork enables boxers to move in any direction and change position as needed. 

Creative footwork with good head movement is two of the most important skills boxers must learn.

What Is Karate Footwork Like?

Both karate and boxing place great emphasis on footwork.

The better you can move, the more effective you’ll be.

However, karate is the only style where fighters can attack using their feet.

Karate fighters mainly move in and out very quickly during a fight.

They usually put greater focus on balance and keeping their legs light by bouncing in and out of striking distance, as it helps them set up and land kicks.

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Karate Vs Boxing Stance

The main difference between boxing and karate stances is the angle to their opponents.

Karate depends largely on kicks, so they tend to stand more side-on, reducing the distance their leading leg needs to travel and increasing the force of their roundhouse kicks. Boxers stand more square-on to maximize the reach and force of both their arms.

What Stance Do Boxers Use?

Boxers usually keep their feet at a shoulder-width distance with their hands up (called a guard). 

They may shift their feet, keeping one slightly in front of the other.

Some common boxing stances include:

  1. Orthodox boxing stance
  2. Southpaw
  3. Crouching stance
  4. Wide stance

The stance a boxer uses depends largely on their fighting style and natural movements.

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What Stance Do Karate Fighters Use?

Karate fighters tend to be more varied in terms of stance, and typically fight with their hands down or to the sides.

Some common karate stances include:

  1. Ready stance
  2. Short fighting stance
  3. Long forward stance
  4. Sumo stance

Karate’s stance variety allows for more diverse fighting styles.

However, boxers may have the advantage if they hone their skills with a particular stance.

Especially if they can move out of the striking line as the karate fighter lunges forward with kicks and punches.

Karate Vs Boxing Punches

Another key difference between karate and boxing is how they throw their punches.

Since boxers only use punching and never have to compensate for kicks, they focus more on the rotational force in their punches. Karate fighters have a more side-on approach, much like Conor McGregor’s style. Allowing them to quickly follow up punches with effective kicking combinations.

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What Are Boxing Punches?

Boxers rotate their bodies when punching their opponents.

This helps put more weight and rotational force behind their punches and increases their punching range.

There are four primary boxing punches:

  1. Jabs
  2. Cross punches
  3. Hooks
  4. Uppercuts

Boxers will use these punches on their own or in combination, depending on the range.

For boxers to be dangerous they need to close the distance while effectively defending.

Using jabs and cross punches further away, and hooks and uppercuts when closer together.

What Are Karate Punches?

Karate fighters also use rotation in their punches, but their punches are more straight-on (linear) than boxing punches which are more circular.

Karate utilizes a wider variety of punching techniques, including those used in boxing.

This includes additional types such as:

  1. Snap punches
  2. Swinging punches
  3. Follow-through punches

Boxing and karate also differ in terms of how punches are thrown.

For example, jabs come from the hip in karate.

They come from the guard position in boxing.

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Karate Gloves Vs Boxing Gloves

Karate gloves are more similar to MMA gloves than boxing gloves.

Since most karate tournaments are points-based, the lighter gloves promote softer but faster strikes. Boxing punches tend to be harder and focused on the hard skull, so their gloves need to be thicker to protect both fighters.

What Are Boxing Gloves?

Boxing gloves cover the boxer’s entire hand and wrists.

Their primary purpose is to protect the boxer’s hands from damage during the fight.

Boxing gloves tend to be thick and range in size from 10 to 18 ounces. 

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What Are Karate Gloves?

Karate gloves are used to protect the fighter’s hands and also prevent their opponent from being injured.

These gloves are generally lighter than boxing gloves and range from 6 to 12 ounces.

Their shape is also different, with some styles leaving the palm exposed.

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Though boxing gloves have a greater focus on keeping the boxer’s hands safe, karate gloves are still a great choice for any aspiring karate fighter that wants to improve their punching technique.

Karate Vs Boxing in UFC

Without compensating for takedowns, grappling, and all the other factors in an MMA fight – boxing and karate would struggle.

However, once karate and boxing were adapted for MMA, they’ve proven extremely effective in the UFC and used by most UFC fighters in one way or another.

How Is Boxing Used In UFC?

Many UFC fighters utilize boxing techniques in their fights.

However, they generally avoid using the traditional boxing stance as it leaves them open to takedowns, leg kicks, and elbow jabs.

Big-name fighters like Junior Dos Santos and Max Holloway have demonstrated the effectiveness of boxing jabs in UFC settings. 

Plenty of UFC fighters have backgrounds in boxing, so it makes sense that many UFC fighting styles are based on it.

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How Is Karate Used In The UFC?

Karate is rarely used in isolation in UFC fights.

Most UFC fighters that have trained in karate incorporate techniques from other martial arts.

Karate fighters may have the advantage in some fights due to their explosive and unpredictable techniques.

Some of the best UFC fighters with backgrounds in karate include:

  1. Georges St-Pierre
  2. Stephen Thompson
  3. Lyoto Machida
  4. Chuck Liddell
  5. Nick Diaz

As you can see, both karate and boxing play major roles in the UFC.

This is a mixed martial arts sport, so each fighting technique is useful for fighters in different ways.

Karate Vs Boxing – Who Will Win

If a boxer can’t defend against kicks, then the karateka will win. If the karateka can’t maintain distance, the boxer will win. Boxers need to close distance quickly to avoid being kicked, karatekas must keep their distance to avoid a boxer’s heavy punches.

The winner between a boxer and a karateka will depend on a few factors:

  1. How well the boxer can control distance
  2. How effective the karateka’s kicks are
  3. Who’s got the best movement

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Do Boxers Have An Advantage Over Karate Fighters?

Both styles may seem equally matched due to the immense amount of footwork involved in each one.

Boxers may have the advantage if they can position themselves well enough to avoid kicks and manage distance with their jabs.

A skilled boxer that has perfected their punches over many years and can effectively close distance with good combinations should be able to outdo a karate fighter in a one-on-one match.

Do Karate Fighters Have An Advantage Over Boxers?

Karate fighters may have the upper hand in fights with boxers if they can successfully avoid or block their opponent’s jabs.

They can win by utilizing their variety of kicks.

This still requires precise footwork, avoiding punches, and positioning for brutal kicks. 

The winner will be the one with sharper reflexes and a better understanding of their opponent’s techniques.

Karate fighters may have a slight edge using their more diverse and unpredictable style.

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Karate Vs Boxing For Self-Defense

Both boxing and karate, if trained with realistic sparring can be effective in a self-defense scenario.

Boxing is useful because it places a lot of emphasis on blocking, and those who box regularly also develop better stamina and motor skills.

Karate techniques using low stances, strong footwork, and distance control can certainly give a fighter an edge in hand-to-hand combat situations.

However, karate fighters that wish to go on the offense might be at a disadvantage due to the lack of realistic sparring opportunities in training.

Both boxing and karate are useful for self-defense because they mentally prepare you for a fight.

Especially if you’re fighting against untrained fighters with less experience.

Boxing may be preferable if you want to learn both self-defense and land a few brutal blows to disable your attacker.

Conclusion – Boxing Vs Karate

Boxing and karate are two very different martial arts.

Boxing focuses on close-range power punching and technical combinations, while karate focuses on longer-range kicking with less emphasis on punching.

However, boxers train with more realistic sparring – making boxing the best martial art to learn for most fights.

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