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[FIGHT BIO] Fernando “El Feroz” Vargas | The Aztec Warrior

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Who Is Fernando Vargas?

Fernando Javier Vargas, aka “El Feroz”, aka “The Aztec Warrior”, aka “Ferocious Fernando” was born in California, United States on December 7th, 1977.

He started boxing at the tender age of 12, eventually becoming the youngest junior middleweight titleholder in history when he was 21 in 1998.

Vargas took part in the 1995 Pan American Games and won a bronze medal before representing the United States at the 1996 Olympic games.

Boasting an outstanding amateur career record of 100 – 5, he went on to a professional boxing career spanning 10 years.

Starting in 1997 at the age of 20 until he retired in 2007 at age 30.

Vargas was going to fight his professional debut in 1996 but broke his hand in training, postponing his first professional bought by 5 months.

His debut on the 25th of March, 1997 was against Jorge Morales.

Who Vargas dispatched in only 56 seconds.

He went on to win most of his fights by Knockout.

Of his 26 professional wins and only 5 losses, 22 were by KO.

We’ll look at some of his most memorable fights in a bit.

Fernando Vargas

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Where Is Fernando Vargas Now?

As of 2021 at the age of 44, Fernando Vargas is still involved with boxing and coaches two of his sons who are currently amateurs. He lives in Las Vegas with his wife and 4 children, and started his own non-profit organization in 2017 called Fernando Vargas Fighting Foundation.

The Fernando Vargas Fighting Foundation helps youth with “a boxing program, health and nutrition guidance, after-school tutoring, mentoring, and bullying strategies”.

Other activities include athletics and community service.

Fernando wants to ensure children have a good future by developing their discipline and self-esteem.

Why Did Fernando Vargas Retire?

Fernando fought his last fight on November 23rd, 2007 against Ricardo Mayorga.

He said he’d accomplished what he wanted in boxing and it was time for him to retire, and to focus on other things in his life.

Vargas was never motivated by the money, stating he only ever boxed for the love of the sport.

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What Is Fernando Vargas’ Net Worth?

Fernando “The Aztec Warrior” Vargas has an estimated net worth of around $1 million.

He made most of his money through professional boxing, but has also appeared in TV shows, movies and brand promotions.

Vargas acted in a Crime Drama movie called Alpha Dog, and the TV show Moesha.

His family even had their own reality TV show called Welcome To Los Vargas, in addition to his appearance on Telemundo’s, Top Chef Celebrity.

Vargas also has his own promotional company called Vargas Entertainment Promotions (VEP).

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Who Trained Fernando Vargas?

Vargas was coach by Eduardo Garcia in the La Colonia Gym which he used to walk to every day.

The two met when Fernando was only 16 years old, and Garcia immediately recognised his incredible talent.

Garcia taught Vargas everything knew about boxing.

Fernando Vargas
Photo by Sky Sports

Who Beat Fernando Vargas?

Fernando fought 31 fights in his professional career, winning 26 and losing 5.

His 5 losses were to:

  1. Felix Trinidad
  2. Oscar De La Hoya
  3. Shane Mosely (twice)
  4. Ricardo Mayorga

Let’s take a look at his most memorable professional fights.

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Fernando Vargas Vs Ricardo Mayorga

The last fight of Fernando’s career was against Ricardo Mayorga on the 23rd of November, 2007 in Los Angeles, California.

The fight was scheduled for 12 rounds and they fought all the way through.

Mayorga started the first 2 rounds the more confident and stronger fighter, landing most of his heavy strikes.

Vargas was knocked down in the first round but managed to get back to his feet.

Fernando came back in the 3rd round with some of his own heavy shots, landing nearly every right hook to Mayorga’s face.

He dominated the 4th and 5th rounds too.

It was a war in the ring with both boxers giving everything they had.

Mayorga knocked Fernando down again in the 11th round, once again Fernando stood back up.

The fight finished after the 12th round with Mayorga winning by Majority Decision.

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Fernando Vargas Vs Ike Quartey

Vargas fought Quartey on April 15th, 2002 in Paradise, Nevada.

Fernando started the bought as the more dominant fighter, keeping Ike on the defensive.

Quartey managed a few heavy punches of his own, but couldn’t hurt Vargas.

It was exciting fight, keeping fans on their feet.

The fight ended after the scheduled 12th round with Vargas winning by Unanimous Decision.

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Fernando Vargas Vs Yori Boy Campas

Fernando and Yori fought on December 12th, 1998 in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

Vargas started the first round very confident and focused, throwing good combinations to Yori’s face.

Yori fought back in round two but couldn’t land any significant strikes of his own.

Fernando became more aggressive as the fight went on, badly cutting Yori’s right eye.

The fight was scheduled for 12 rounds but was stopped in the 7th.

Vargas won the fight by RTD (corner stoppage).

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Fernando Vargas Profile

BornDecember 7, 1977
DivisionSuper middleweight
Light middleweight
Height5 ft 10 in (178 cm)
Reach70 in (178 cm)
DebutMarch 25, 1997

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Fernando Vargas Professional Record

When Opponent Result
March 25, 1997Jorge MoralesWin (KO)
April 26, 1997Claude StatenWin (TKO)
June 7, 1997Bill BurdenWin (TKO)
June 20, 1997Jim MaloneyWin (KO)
July 12, 1997Eugene LopezWin (KO)
August 19, 1997Kevin PayneWin (TKO)
October 4, 1997Alex QuirogaWin (TKO)
November 22, 1997 Jose Miguel FernandezWin (TKO)
December 13, 1997Eduardo MartinezWin (KO)
March 13, 1998Dan ConnollyWin (TKO)
April 14, 1998Romallis EllisWin (TKO)
May 9, 1998Ron JohnsonWin (TKO)
June 23, 1998Anthony StephensWin (TKO)
August 22, 1998Darren MaciunskiWin (TKO)
December 12, 1998Yori Boy CampasWin (RTD)
March 13, 1999Howard ClarkeWin (TKO)
July 17, 1999 Raul MarquezWin (TKO)
December 4, 1999Winky WrightWin (MD)
April 15, 2000Ike QuarteyWin (UD)
August 26, 2000Ross ThompsonWin (TKO)
December 2, 2000Felix TrinidadLoss (TKO)
May 5, 2001Wilfredo RiveraWin (TKO)
September 22, 2001Jose FloresWin (KO)
September 14, 2002Oscar De La HoyaLoss (TKO)
July 26, 2003Fitz VanderpoolWin (TKO)
December 12, 2003Tony MarshallWin (RTD)
March 26, 2005Raymond JovalWin (UD)
August 20, 2005Javier CastillejoWin (UD)
February 25, 2006Shane MosleyLoss (TKO)
July 15, 2006Shane MosleyLoss (TKO)
November 23, 2007Ricardo MayorgaLoss (MD)



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