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[FIGHT BIO] Trevor Berbick | Triple Champ Fighter

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Trevor Berbick Greatest Hits

Who Is Trevor Berbick?

Trevor Berbick was a professional Jamaican heavyweight boxer.

He was born on the 1st of August, 1954 in Port Antonio, Jamaica.

Berbick fought 11 amateur boxing fights and went on to represent Jamaica in the 1975 Pan American Games as well as the 1976 Summer Olympics.

Trevor started his Professional Career in 1976 (age 22) and fought out of Montreal, Halifax.

He later moved to Florida, retiring there with his wife and 7 children.

Trevor fought Mike Tyson, Larry Holmes, and Muhammad Ali in his professional career which made him the only boxer in history to fight all three.

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Trevor Berbick
Trevor Berbick

Is Trevor Berbick Still Alive?

Berbick died on the 28th of October, 2006 (age 52) in his hometown in Jamaica. He was brutally murdered over an alleged land dispute by his nephew, Harold Berbick, and another assailant by the name of Kenton Gordon. Trevor was buried in the Berbick Family Plot in Norwich, Jamaica.

Harold Berbick was only 20-years old, and Kenton Gordon was 18-years old when the incident happened.

Harold was sentenced to life in prison for the murder of his uncle, while Kenton was sentenced to 14 years for manslaughter.

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What Happened To Trevor Berbick?

Trevor faced many troubles in his life before he was tragically murdered by his nephew. He was known for being a troublemaker, being convicted in 1992 at the age of 38 for the rape of his children’s babysitter. He was sentenced to 5 years in prison but only served 15 months.

He even got into a brawl with Larry Holmes in 1991.

Berbick was deported to Canada from the USA for violating parole, but his legal issues followed him there.

Canada wouldn’t let him stay, so he had to go back to his home country of Jamaica.

In 1999 he won the right to remain and was allowed back into Canada.

Berbick was reported for stealing TVs and stereos in 2003, but he told police the stolen goods were stashed in his house without him knowing.

Trevor Berbick would meet his unfortunate end in 2006.

Was Trevor Berbick Any Good?

Trevor Berbick was an extremely good boxer in his time.

He was a natural in the sport of boxing and made it look easy, boasting an impressive professional record, and was known for being a hard hitter in the ring.

He won multiple titles in his career as a boxer and even competed in the Olympics.

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Who Beat Trevor Berbick?

Trevor has a professional record of 49 wins and 11 losses.

He won 33 of those fights by knockout.

Trevor Berbick lost to the following fighters:

  1. Bernardo Mercado
  2. Larry Holmes
  3. Renaldo Snipes
  4. S. T. Gordon
  5. Mike Tyson
  6. Carl Williams
  7. Buster Douglas
  8. Jimmy Thunder
  9. Hasim Rahman
  10. Lyle McDowell
  11. Tony LaRosa

Let’s take a look at a few more of Berbick’s fights.

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Trevor Berbick Vs Muhammad Ali

The big showdown between Berbick and Ali happened on the 11th of December, 1981 in Nassau, Bahamas.

It was a rally in the ring with both boxers throwing non-stop punches at each other the whole fight.

Berbick had more confidence and seemed more focused, landing more shots on Ali than he was receiving.

Trevor pounded on Ali’s ribs most of the fight, but also landed some heavy shots to his head.

Ali battled to fight back, but when he did land a punch it hurt Berbick.

Trevor was all over Ali in the fight and kept him on the back foot.

Berbick won the fight by a 10 round decision.

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Trevor Berbick vs Muhammad Ali

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Trevor Berbick Vs Mike Tyson

Trevor Berbick vs Mike Tyson took place in Las Vagas Hilton on November 22nd, 1986.

The fight was scheduled for 12 rounds but only reached the 2nd.

Tyson came out strong and aggressive, hurting Berbick with every shot.

Berbick landed some heavy blows on Tyson, but he couldn’t hurt him.

Tyson was far more confident in the fight, nearly knocking Trevor down in round one.

Round 2 barely began and Tyson knocked Berbick down instantly.

Trevor stood back up, but not long.

Tyson knocked Berbick down once more, turning his legs to jelly.

He couldn’t stand back up, giving Mike Tyson the fight by TKO.

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Trevor Berbick vs Mike Tyson

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Trevor Berbick Vs Larry Holmes

Berbick fought Holmes on April 11th, 1981 in Caesars Palace.

This was a war, Trevor and Larry never liked each other.

The fight started quite equally, each receiving and giving shots.

Holmes was more consistent, landing far more punches than Berbick.

Controlling the fight with his powerful right hook.

Berbick struggled to keep up with the pace.

After the 15th round, they went to a decision and Larry Holmes won by Unanimous Decision.

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Trevor Berbick vs Larry Holmes

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Trevor Berbick’s Profile

Born1 August 1954
Height6 ft 2 in (188 cm)
Reach78 in (198 cm)
Debut27 September 1976

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Trevor Berbick’s Professional Record

27 September 1976 Wayne MartinWin (TKO)
23 November 1976Bobby HalpernWin (TKO)
9 January 1977Michael Lucas Win (TKO)
25 January 1977 Joe Maye Win (TKO)
18 August 1977Willie Moore Win (KO)
8 September 1977 Eddie Owens Win (TKO)
8 December 1977Eugene Green Win (UD)
28 June 1978 Horst Geisler Win (KO)
1 August 1978Tony Moore Win (TKO)
12 September 1978Gregory Johnson Win (KO)
8 October 1978Greg Sorrentino Win (TKO)
3 April 1979Bernardo MercadoLoss(KO)
26 May 1979Earl McLeay Win (TKO)
14 June 1979Leroy CaldwellDraw(PTS)
11 December 1979Ngozika Ekwelum Win (TKO)
11 March 1980Johnny Warr Win (SD)
20 June 1980John Tate Win (KO)
27 August 1980Ron Rouselle Win (KO)
11 November 1980Chuck Findlay Win (KO)
31 January 1981Chuck Gardner Win (TKO)
11 April 1981Larry HolmesLoss(UD)
21 July 1981Conroy Nelson Win (KO)
11 December 1981Muhammad Ali Win (UD)
5 March 1982 Gordon Racette Win (TKO)
11 June 1982Greg Page Win (UD)
2 October 1982 Renaldo SnipesLoss(UD)
28 May 1983S. T. GordonLoss(UD)
9 September 1983Ken Lakusta Win (KO)
19 February 1984Mike Cohen Win (KO
13 March 1984Mark Lee Win (PTS
1 September 1984Andros Ernie Barr Win (TKO
28 November 1984Walter Santemore Win (UD)
15 June 1985David Bey Win (TKO)
10 August 1985 Mitch Green Win (MD)
17 January 1986 Mike Perkins Win (TKO)
22 March 1986Pinklon Thomas Win (UD)
22 November 1986Mike Tyson Loss(TKO)
31 July 1987Art Terry Win (TKO)
29 October 1987 Lorenzo Boyd Win (TKO)
24 November 1987Robert Evans Win (UD)
27 June 1988Carl Williams Loss(UD)
20 September 1988 O T Davis Win (KO)
25 February 1989Buster Douglas Loss(UD)
18 July 1990Jeff Sims Win (TKO)
14 December 1990Bobby Crabtree Win (KO)
2 August 1991Garing Lane Win (PTS)
14 March 1994 Danny Wofford Win (PTS)
30 July 1994Paul Phillips Win (KO)
10 August 1994Marselles Brown Win (KO)
13 September 1994Melvin Foster Win (SD)
15 March 1995Jimmy ThunderLoss(UD)
25 August 1995Bruce Johnson Win (TKO)
26 April 1996Ken Smith Win (TKO)
18 September 1996Louis Monaco Win (UD)
15 October 1996Hasim RahmanLoss(UD)
15 September 1997Lyle McDowellLoss(SD)
6 August 1998Ben Perlini Win (UD)
5 February 1999Shane Sutcliffe Win (TKO)
29 June 1999Iran Barkley Win (UD)
12 August 1999Tony LaRosaLoss(SD)
26 May 2000Shane Sutcliffe Win (UD)

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