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[FIGHT BIO] Zab “Super” Judah | What Happened To Him

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Who Is Zab Judah?

Zab Judah (Zabdiel Judah), also known as “Super” was born in Brownsville, New York on the 27th of October, 1977. Judah was introduced to boxing at the young age of 6 and eventually turned pro in 1996 at the age of 18, after a successful amateur career achieving an exceptional record of 110-5.

Zab won many championships including the US National Championship (twice), the New York Golden Glove (three times), and the PAL National Championship in 1996.

He also won various world championships, in two different weights classes.

Including the IBF Title, IBC Light Middleweight, the WBO Junior Welterweight Title, and even the Undisputed Welterweight Championship Title.

Judah was coached by his own father, Yoel Judah.

Yoel coached Zab throughout his entire career, both amateur and professional.

Judah has a big family and many of them are boxers, including 5 of his 10 brothers.

Of which, 3 competed professionally.

Zab Judah

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What Happened To Zab Judah?

Zab “Super” Judah stopped boxing in 2019 after a terrible loss to Cletus Seldin. He was rushed to the hospital after the fight because he was feeling faint. Doctors found that he had bleeding in the brain, a career-ending injury. Zab recovered but never returned to boxing.

He ended his career with a record of 44 wins and 10 losses.

Judah had a rocky life.

He was arrested for domestic violence, and failing to pay child support.

Even escaping prison on one occasion.

How Good was Zab Judah?

Judah was an amazing boxer, with crazy hand speed and a lot of power. His defensive movement and reflexes made him a very difficult target to hit. He was a World Champion and undisputed in the welterweight division.

Zab was a great finisher, boasting an impressive 30 KOs of his 44 wins as a professional.

Zab Judah

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What Is Zab Judah’s Net Worth?

Zab Judah has an estimated net worth of around $6 million.

He made most of his money from his boxing career.

However, Judah also earns money from his site Celebrity Championship Boxing.

Judah launched the new exhibition-style tournament in April of 2021.

In the tournament, celebrities like social media influencers, actors, singers, entertainers, and even martial artists can fight in exhibition matches to “settle their differences in the ring” as he puts it.

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What Is Zab Judah Doing Now?

In addition to the Celebrity Championship Boxing venture, Zab also started working as a nursing assistant at an adult daycare facility specializing in treating dementia and Alzheimer’s patients.

He even teaches his own nursing assistant class in the evenings for others getting into the field.

Who Beat Zab Judah?

Zab Judah only lost 10 fights in his career, against:

  1. Kostya Tszyu
  2. Cory Spinks
  3. Carlos Baldomir
  4. Floyd Mayweather Jr.
  5. Miguel Cotto
  6. Joshua Clottey
  7. Anir Khan
  8. Danny Garcia
  9. Paulie Malignaggi
  10. Cletus Seldin

Let’s take a look at some of his most interesting bouts.

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Zab Judah Vs Floyd Mayweather

Judah fought Mayweather on the 8th of April, 2006 in Paradise, Nevada.

It was an exciting and close fight between the two boxers that was scheduled for 12 rounds.

Judah was more active and landed more punches in the first 2 rounds, but Mayweather started picking up the pace in round 3.

Zab landed many heavy shots throughout the fight, but he couldn’t drop Mayweather.

Both fighters kept coming at each other, not slowing down or giving an inch.

The fight ended after the 12th round with Mayweather winning by Unanimous Decision.

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Zab Judah Vs Danny Garcia

The war between Zab and Danny happened on April 27th, 2013 in New York City.

Scheduled for 12 rounds, this fight did not disappoint.

Garcia controlled most of the fight, but Judah had a few unforgettable moments.

The first two rounds were close, with both fighters trading shots.

Garcia’s right hook was doing a great job at stopping Judah from advancing to land his shots.

Zab started looking more active in the 3rd round, using his speed to get in and out and landing his punches.

Garcia realized he had to pick up the pace, and started keeping Judah on the back foot with a barrage of combinations.

Danny landed a heavy right hook to Zab’s jaw in the 5th round, wobbling him and nearly dropping him to the canvas.

Judah managed to stay on his feet, but he struggled to defend against Garcia’s relentless attacks.

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After a near KO in the 5th round, Garcia came at Judah full steam in the 6th and 7th round.

Nearly dropping him again in the 6th round.

In the 8th round, Garcia dropped Judah with a clean right hook to the left cheek, cutting Judah’s badly.

But Judah got back up and kept coming.

Zab came back with vengeance, forcing Garcia to defend himself for most of the 10th and 11th rounds.

Both fighters pounded away at each other until the 12th round, making the crowd go crazy.

It was a 12-round war, and both fighters knew it.

Garcia won the fight by Unanimous Decision.

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Zab Judah Vs Amir Khan

Zab Judah fought Amir Khan on July 23rd, 2011 in Nevada.

The fight was scheduled for 12 rounds but ended in the 5th.

Amir came out strong, fast, and very dominant in the first round.

He kept Judah on the back foot, constantly defending.

Khan landed more punches than Judah, hurting him with a few good combinations to Zab’s body and face.

Judah managed a few good shots of his own but wasn’t able to do much damage.

By the 5th the fighters were quite even on the scorecards until Khan managed to land a right uppercut to Zab’s stomach and dropping him to the canvas.

Zab couldn’t stand up after that, giving the fight to Amir Khan by KO.

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Zab Judah Vs Cletus Seldin

Zab fought Cletus on June 7th, 2019 in Verona, New York.

The fight was scheduled for 12 rounds but ended in the 11th.

Both fighters came out strong, holding nothing back.

Cletus Seldin was the slightly more dominant boxer, fighting toe to toe with Zab.

Judah landed some hard left hooks and body shots, but Seldin shook it off.

In the 3rd round, Seldin hit Judah with a heavy right hook to the chin.

Making Zab wobble, but he managed to stay on his feet.

It was one of the most brutal fights in Judah’s career.

Seldin hurt Judah badly in the fight causing a stoppage in the 11th round, giving him the fight by TKP.

Judah was rushed to the hospital after the fight because of bleeding on his brain, ending his professional boxing career.

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Zab Judah’s Profile

BornOctober 27, 1977
DivisionLight Welterweight
Light Middleweight
Height5 ft 7+12 in (171 cm)
Reach72 in (183 cm)
DebutSeptember 20, 1996

Zab Judah’s Professional Career

When OpponentResult
September 20, 1996Michael JohnsonWin (TKO)
October 4, 1996 Pablo TejadaWin (TKO)
December 14, 1996Jose Luis TorresWin (TKO)
January 24, 1997John ScalziWin (TKO)
February 22, 1997Chris SlaughterWin (KO)
April 5, 1997Paul DenardWin (TKO
May 4, 1997 Troy CainWin (UD)
June 10, 1997Omar VasquezWin (UD)
August 24, 1997Cesar CastroWin (KO)
October 3, 1997James SalavaWin (TKO)
October 17, 1997Rick EdsonWin (UD)
November 7, 1997Ricardo VazquezWin (TKO)
December 13, 1997Anthony JohnsonWin (UD)
January 17, 1998Steve ValdezWin (TKO)
March 10, 1998Esteban FloresNC (TD)
April 14, 1998Angel BeltreWin (KO)
June 7, 1998Micky WardWin (UD)
July 12, 1998Otilio VillarrealWin (TKO)
October 15, 1998Darryl TysonWin (TKO)
January 16, 1999Wilfredo NegronWin (KO)
April 16, 1999Juan TorresWin (KO)
July 9, 1999David SampleWin (TKO)
February 12, 2000Jan Piet BergmanWin (KO)
June 24, 2000Junior WitterWin (UD)
August 5, 2000Terron MillettWin (TKO)
October 20, 2000Hector QuirozWin (TKO)
January 13, 2001Reggie GreenWin (TKO)
June 23, 2001Allan VesterWin (KO)
November 3, 2001Kostya TszyuLoss (TKO)
July 13, 2002Omar Gabriel WeisWin (UD)
July 12, 2003DeMarcus CorleyWin (SD)
December 13, 2003Jaime RangelWin (KO)
April 10, 2004Cory SpinksLoss (UD)
May 15, 2004Rafael PinedaWin (SD)
November 2, 2004Wayne MartellWin (TKO)
February 5, 2005 Cory SpinksWin (TKO)
May 14, 2005Cosme RiveraWin (TKO)
January 7, 2006Carlos BaldomirLoss (UD)
April 8, 2006Floyd Mayweather Jr.Loss (UD)
April 13, 2007Ruben GalvanNC (NC)
June 9, 2007Miguel CottoLoss (TKO)
September 7, 2007Edwin VasquezWin (UD)
November 17, 2007Ryan DavisWin (UD)
August 2, 2008Joshua ClotteyLoss (TD)
November 8, 2008Ernest JohnsonWin (UD)
November 6, 2009Ubaldo HernandezWin (TKO)
July 16, 2010Jose Santa CruzWin (TKO)
November 6, 2010Lucas MatthysseWin (SD)
March 5, 2011Kaizer MabuzaWin (TKO)
July 23, 2011Amir KhanLoss (KO)
March 24, 2012Vernon ParisWin (TKO)
April 27, 2013Danny GarciaLoss (UD)
December 7, 2013Paulie MalignaggiLoss (UD)
January 21, 2017Jorge Luis MunguiaWin (TKO)
January 27, 2018Noel Mejia RinconWin (UD)
June 7, 2019Cletus SeldinLoss (TKO)

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